SHIELD Aviation provides the complete solution to ensure ISR mission support, training and demonstration services are completed at the highest standard to meet your customer requirements. For ISR Mission Support, deployment  to execution, SHIELD Aviation can support every aspect of your UAS needs.


SHIELD Aviation provides highly experienced field service representatives (FSR) for UAS support for our customers in meeting their unique operational requirements. SHIELD Aviation’s FSRs are highly skilled in all aspects of unmanned systems deployment under any environmental condition.

Understanding the conditions in which an unmanned system is to operate requires the right personnel with the exact skill set. Considering the environmental conditions in which unmanned systems are operated around the globe, requires unique personnel. They must be comfortable in operating in arduous conditions for sometimes extended periods of time and continue to complete a highly complex and demanding job for our customers. Some of the capabilities we offer to our clients are:

  • Worldwide ISR Mission Support 
  • Field Service Representatives Support
  • ISR Training
  • Worldwide ISR Maintenance and Logistics Support
  • Demonstration Services


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Unmanned systems training is a wide ranging and evolving process. Whether it is modifications to our existing UAS training curriculum to meet our customers changing needs or the development of entirely new UAS training course, SHIELD Aviation is uniquely position to assist our customers with all of their training needs including:

  • UAS Type Rating for Pilots
  • Curriculum design and development
  • UAS Internal & External Pilot Training
  • Pre-deployment Training