SHIELD Aviation is a leader in design, development and deployment of high performance endurance unmanned systems. SHEILD Aviation was founded in 2008 by former Special Forces, military personnel, and engineers all who specialize in unmanned technology. Our experienced team has shown rapid growth and leadership in the industry for extended mission Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS). Our company focus is delivering operationally relevant services and products to our customers on time and on budget, anywhere in the world.

SHIELD Aviation is a unique and rapidly expanding ISR and aviation company. Our notable growth over the last few years is the result of an exceptional caliber of employees within the company. Our product delivers positive results for customers every time.

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The experienced SHIELD team combined with world class engineering resources shapes every service and product created by the company. SHIELD prides itself on delivering beyond the objective requirements for our customers, but most importantly ensuring the product is designed for the operator’s unique needs in combat.

SHIELD Engineers provide a solution for those in direct action by taking thorough and detailed steps to accomplish difficult and complex tasks. SHIELD Aviation brings a unique capability of understanding intricate environments and engineering product solutions. SHIELD continuously satisfies our customers beyond their expectations.


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SHIELD Aviation offers a dynamic environment for results oriented individuals. The unique culture focuses on results, playing to win and rewarding its employees for their commitment to excellence. If you are committed, team orientated individual, who’s looking for a challenging, dynamic and evolving career, consider applying for a career with Shield Aviation Inc.

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