SHIELD Aviation was founded in 2008 by former Special Forces and Military personnel who realized that the current Unmanned Aerial Vehicles used by the military did not specifically meet diverse and unique needs of Special Forces, Soldiers, Airman and Sailors on today battlefield.

Creating an unique Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) is one thing, but creating a operationally relevant UAS which fulfills the combat operator on the ground is an entirely different story. Good ideas are always great ideas, but for company to be consistently successful in delivering services and products which meet the needs of the changing battle space requires intimate knowledge of the combat environment.

Shield doesn't provide a service or create a product to offer the government unless its base upon capability gap. This capability gap needs to highlighted in a Urgent Needs Statement (UNS), Joint Urgent Operational Needs Statement (JUON), Requirements document or similar documents. This approach ensures we maintain operational relevancy and don't offer services or products based upon a good idea, that is dreamed up but has no operationally relevance. Further this is good business practice, we invest money where its needed most, ensuring the company delivers to its customers and maintains profitability, in a highly competitive market with shrinking defensing budgets. 

This approach allowed us to create the ARES UAS from a napkin sketch to first flight in four months for a special customer. Today the ARES UAS has grown into full production UAS provided to government customers and is still the only proven Group III UAS with endurance, payload, mobility that unmatched on the global market place since 2009.

SHIELD Aviation delivers where others fear to go.