The successful development of unmanned systems relies upon the organization’s UAS engineering prowess. SHIELD Aviation is a success driven company that offers engineering services and projects from concept to completion. Please explore our engineering capabilities for further details.



From every customer concept that is born, a detailed understanding of the client specific operational requirements are required. Upon achieving this understanding SHIELD Aviation Engineers will create a conceptual design and if need be, follow through to product delivery and testing.
Each customer project is held at the strictest confidence, along with any customer proprietary data that is included with the project.


SHIELD Aviation also prides itself in producing state of the art and accurate tooling.  

Many companies will short cut the tooling process to make inaccurate tooling to lower the overall tooling cost, especially for one off prototype runs. 

SHIELD Aviation invested in in-house Haas CNC machines to ensure we can quickly and accurately fabricate tooling to the exact customer requirements or internal production runs.

This approach lowers our production cost as we don't subcontract tooling jobs we produce it in-house and then fabricate the parts.



SHIELD Aviation prides itself in producing aerospace quality parts,  producing composite parts quickly and accurately.
SHIELD Aviation can accept many different CAD surfaces in various formats received from customers. The CAD data obtained is then used to create CATIA surfaces, which in turn is then used to generate a tool path for our CNC machine. The result is a very accurately produced mold or tool.